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Old new web is cool

Welcome! Here you will find a variety of tutorials to make your website super cool and above all, make your website super easy to maintain and customize. Having an interactive and dynamic website can be very easy!

I know that we are nostalgic for the old web, making static websites with old aesthetics and publishing them in hostings like neocities, however, this does not mean that we should suffer with the code like the developers of those times to build a website.

The internet has changed, but at least one of the good things is the new technologies that have been developed over the years. These technologies are not only easy to use, but also increase the reusability and security of a website, and above all make its maintenance a simple task. Let's revive the old web with new technologies!

About the author

I'm Pale, a software and web fullstack developer from México, in other words, I like to make websites and web applications.

Important note

These tutorials are made for web development beginners and people with little programming and coding experience, so if you're just starting out, don't worry! I will try to explain my tutorials as easy as possible.

If you are already familiar with programming, I hope that my tutorials will help you continue on your path in web development.